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We want to change the perception of school lunch programs. The lunch programs began with the idea of providing fun, healthy, fresh and affordable lunches to children in our Michigan schools regardless of race, religion, culture, location or economic background. We have quickly gained the respect of those who we serve by sharing a common vision and, therefore, exceeding expectations.  By working as a team and providing our customers with the best food and service.


We are specialist in the field. We “focus on the basics” and place a greater priority on educating, training and development of our associates. Our investment in our people assures that you will have a highly motivated, qualified and dedicated associate assigned to your account at all times.


We’ve had successful results with out clients by coming up with practical solutions and integrating them seamlessly into their existing dining services programs. We use the “team approach” to decision making. As a result, many new ideas and innovations are created and utilized in our operations.


Our entire business is about our customers about providing dining and refreshment services that are so clearly superior and so broadly appealing, they exert a positive impact on the entire organization and its culture. Our clients know that we will reflect their own impeccable standards. They also know that our customized services will result in increased morale, staff, stability, enhanced recruitment and improved productivity.


Our targeted clients include major corporations, hospitals, assisted living centers, retirement centers, governmental entities, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, banquet centers, golf and county clubs and other organizations representing carious industries.