Community Food Services | Student Performance
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Student Performance


A recent study by the American Dietetic Association demonstrates what educators and food service professionals have always known:


”Breakfast is essential to the nutritional health of children” and exerts “positive effects on alertness, attention, performance on standardized achievements test, and other skills important for academic success.”


Through our customized food service programs for charter, public, and private schools, Community Food Service can help assure that your students benefit from nutritious, carefully balanced and great-tasting meals. Meals also include breakfast, that sustain students during the entire school day.


Community Food Service focuses exclusively on creating customized meal programs for K-12 charter, public, and private school. Our Dietitians and chefs understand the impact of good nutrition on student performance, and they’re known for their ability to deliver carefully planned and well-balanced meals that appeal to younger appetites.


Our team will work closely with you to develop a high quality food service program aimed at increasing student productivity. In the interest of supporting academic performance, they’ll also help you maximize student participation in the government school lunch programs thereby improving the prospects for academic success while reducing cost.


We believe at Community Food Services that if the children get involved with cooking lunch it will heighten their peers desire to want to participate in preparation, as well as indulge in great food.



• School selects a few students once a month that participates
with lunch preparation

• We want to make eating healthy cool

• The experience gives kids hands on learning that opens them up
to new possibilities in culinary arts


We pride ourselves in having a registered dietitian on staff. It is very important for students to know how healthy eating and daily activities directly affect their lives. Our dietitian educates the students on subjects such as food health, dietary facts and food-borne illnesses.
The objective of the program is to promote awareness of how nutrition affects overall health and long-term well being for the students and their families. These sessions work best in smaller groups such as a health or gym class.


Community Food Service has mastered both the art and science of school meal programs.


In developing our customized school menus, we incorporate the enhanced food-based and nutrient based standards appropriate to your grade levels. We also factor in the USDA requirements as well as your school’s level of participation in the  government commodity program. You can be sure that all meals and portion sizes will meet the rigorous nutrition guidelines set forth by the National School Lunch Program, and will be reviewed and approved by a registered Dietitian.


Equally important is the innovative approach to menu planning. By keeping pace with the latest culinary trends, and by working continuously to understand the needs and preferences of your students. We produce meals that appeal to young learners-meals that are nutritious and delicious. This is achieved by having a state of the Art food production system.